What kind of medical tape is used by hospitals?

There are various kinds of medical tapes are used in hospitals in different purposes. We often see different kinds of medical tape included in First Aid Kits, but not everyone knows what they are supposed to be used for.

Here are some uses of different kinds of medical tapes that are used by hospitals.

Micropore Paper Tape

Paper Tape is mostly used by hospitals, medicals and in the clinics to secure dressings and bandages.

It has a hypoallergenic adhesive which is designed to hold strongly onto skin, dressing materials, and underlying layers of tape, yet which removes easily without damaging the skin.

It is usually made from non-stretch paper pulp and adhesive.

Transpore Polyethylene Tape

Transpore tape is a hypo-allergenic, translucent, surgical tape that offers strong grip for different purposes. Transpore tape is easy to tear into strips and can be used whilst wearing gloves.

It is normally used for securing medical tubing and dressings that need a stronger hold. This medical tape permits moisture to dissipate away from the skin while remaining breathable.

It is produced using non-stretch transparent polyethylene film.

Zinc Oxide Tape

Zinc Oxide is also known as Strapping Tape or Sports since it is generally used to prevent sports injuries and delicate tissue damage, protects wounds, and assists cuts recuperating faster.

It can also support muscles to settle injured ligaments. Zinc Oxide will remain intact when worn for an extensive period of time, and endures moisture, even in humid environments.

It is usually made from non-stretch cotton or rayon with a Zinc Oxide adhesive.

Silk Surgical Medical Tape

3M Durapore is a surgical silk tape that is delicate, conformable, yet ideal for medical application when quality is required. The easy to tear tape can be utilized in surgical and home settings and it is permeable and hypoallergenic.

Cloth Medical Tape

3M Medipore is a delicate, conformable cloth adhesive medical tape that can be utilized to hold wound dressings, tubing, and catheters set up.

The fabric like nature of Medipore makes this an amazingly adaptable tape that is agreeable since it takes into consideration simpler development.

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