What is medical paper tape?

Medical paper Tape is a lightweight, breathable paper tape that is delicate, yet offers secure adhesion particularly on sensitive skin. Micropore tape functions admirably on frequently changed gauzes and on at risk skin.

Micropore paper medical tape is the paper tape that is used in hospitals. With regards to adaptability, efficiency, and overall quality, few medical tapes outperform paper Tape.

It needs to be applied dry, but it sticks through perspiration, hair, and blood no problem. Some key points about medical paper tapes are as:

Gentle on skin

It doesn’t adhere so strongly that it will tear out hair or leave sticky residue. It’s intended to be effectively supplanted consistently with little to no irritation.


this medical tape costs several times less than Nexcare Absolute Waterproof.

Sticks to skin

It sticks to skin well, and can remain on through the span of a few days.


It is penetrable to air and will circulate air through the skin underneath. Micropore paper tape isn’t for each application.

Not waterproof

It can deal with some moisture, but it is not waterproof.


It doesn’t adjust well to sporadic pieces of the body like in the middle of fingers or toes.

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