Traumeel Ointment Uses and Buying Guide

Traumeel Ointment Uses and Buying Guide
Traumeel Ointment Uses and Buying Guide

Traumeel ointment is a homeopathic analgesic ointment for the relief of pain, sprains, and minor wounds. it is a must for the home medicine cabinet as it has so many general applications, so be sure to keep a tube of the gel handy. Because it is an analgesic ointment it has virtually no contra-indications, and the only time you would not apply it is to pregnant women or people suffering an allergic rash.

When To Use Traumeel Ointment?

Always use as directed on minor sprains bruises and over joints where arthritic pain is present. It is for external use only, if your wound healing capacity deteriorates see a doctor immediately. Traumeel ointment works by reducing inflammation and will relieve the pain enabling better sleep. Check the label to see how often you should apply it for your condition.

How To Use Traumeel Ointment?

1. Clean the affected area with a wet cloth.

2. Apply Traumeel ointment generously.

3. Wash your hands immediately after use of the ointment.

4. If the wound looks deep or open, do not apply, it may need a suture.

5. You can bandage the area as required, with a clean crepe bandage.

6. Keep using it for the required time, to prevent the painful symptoms from returning.

Traumeel Ointment Safety Information:

1. Washing your hands thoroughly after the application is important, as you do not want to get it in your eyes.

2. Once you have recovered, stop using it until next time. Some people keep rubbing analgesics in even when the pain has gone, This is counterproductive as to use a product continuously reduces its efficacy.

3. If your symptoms worsen go straight to the doctor.

4. Do not put it in your mouth, it is not for internal use.

5. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should not use the product.

6. Do not use over large areas of the body without consulting the doctor.

7. If you have any questions about the product and its wound healing ability the Pharmacist should be able to answer them.

8. If your doctor has prescribed it for you, don’t use it on the whole family without advice, especially small children as every medical condition is different.

9. If you are concerned about or suspect an overdose call the American Association of Poison Control Centers on 1-800-222-122.

10. Always store at room temperature between 69 and 77 degrees Farenheight.

Traumeel Ointment For Arthritic Pain

People suffering from arthritic pain often require topical analgesia in the form of Traumeel ointment. Your doctor may recommend that you use it when your arthritis flares up. The use of the gel or ointment won’t cure arthritis, but it will calm the symptoms and give the patient a break from the pain. Arthritis pain is usually not present all the time but is exacerbated by cold weather and other health conditions and when it does strike it is important to start the treatment straight away, Traditionally people with arthritis have taken very strong medications like Indomethazone to relieve the symptoms and unfortunately the drugs are often worse than the disease, causing stomach ulcers and pain.

So having a gel to rub into the area that actually works is a bonus and should be used to control the pain rather than oral medication.

Sometimes an old sporting injury will cause pain to persist, and this is another use for Traumeel Ointment. A severe or repetitive sporting injury will often flare up and the topical application will help to calm the area and relieve the pain.


The level of pain felt by another is hard to judge. and can be difficult for a health professional to accurately assess. At least rubbing in the

Traumeel Gel to the affected area will give some relief to the patient. It is best to withhold strong oral analgesia, especially in the elderly where the risk of falls or confusion increases with strong pain killers. None of us can accurately assess the true level of pain in another person, and it is impossible in most cases to judge.


When managing the pain it is important to ask a few questions, and these are:

1. How intense is the pain?

2. How does the pain feel?

3. Where is the pain?

4. What if anything eases it?

5. Does anything make it worse?

This at least makes the patient feel heard, and in Aged Care this is terribly important, as many older folks say their concerns go unheard and unaddressed. Once you have applied the Traumeel Gel or Ointment, they will feel a whole lot better as the analgesic effect goes straight to the site of the inflammation allowing wound healing to occur.


Children commonly suffer from accidents, bruising, and sprains when playing at home, and when they do, if you have a tube of the Traumeel Gel use it.

1. Clean the affected area.

2. Apply the gel generously to the area and massage it into the skin.

3. Cover with gauze and bandage, as the bandage gives the limb some support, especially if it is a sprain.

4. Suggest that the child rests the limb for a while.

4. By the next day, usually, the area will be much better, but if further swelling has appeared consult your doctor.

Doing a first aid course is essential for parents, as you never really know what you will encounter. However, being able to deal with small home accidents and having a well-stocked first aid kit is essential.

Wound healing normally takes place quickly in young people, but having the right analgesic ointment or gel, Traumeel is essential to get through day-to-day dramas at home.


If you are taking a range of prescription medications, check with your doctor before applying Traumeel ointment, but in most cases, it will be fine to use. Little if any Traumeel ointment is absorbed into the blood, so the risk of it interacting with other medications is low to zero.

Always keep a tube of gel in your first aid kit to deal with those accidents that seem to happen at home. Just having a topical analgesic to apply is very soothing, and a non-invasive child-friendly treatment that we all need to keep handy.

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