Top Must Know Facts About Stethoscopes

Following are the, Top Must Know Facts About Stethoscopes:

1. Stethoscopes are the most widely used medical device by health workers be it clinician doctors or Nurses, paramedics, and practitioners of allied medical sciences for the diagnosis and assessment of a wide array of medical conditions.

2. It was invented by a French Doctor named Laennec accidentally while using a rolled paper for keeping a distance between the Women’s chest and his ear.

3. It is the handiest medical device that was ever made.

4. Broadly it has 4 parts i.e., Ear tips, Ear tubes, Tubing, and Chest Piece.

5. It is based on the principle of sound transfer in a tube with both ends closed.

6. It can detect the holes in the Heart, water in the chest, Sluggishness of the bowel, and the dangers in the Artery.

7. 3M Littmann stethoscopes are the best producers of stethoscopes in the World.

8. These stethoscopes vary widely in their applicability, the price, and the warranty associated with them.

9. The diaphragm is the most contaminated area in the stethoscope.

10. Xec – Sterostet (which uses cutting-edge UVC-GI technology) is a recently marketed device that successfully sterilizes the stethoscope diaphragm without the use of chemicals and liquids. 

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