TED Bandage: Uses and Basic Guide

What is TED Bandage?

Medical equipments are of various types.

Many of them resemble their appearance however they are used in different purposes.

TED bandage; typically known as compression stocking stands for Thrombo-Embolic-Deterrent which is used to prevent blood clots for those patients who cannot walk because of injury or on bed rest before operation.

Commonly people consider that TED stockings are used rather than expensive compression bandages, but there is distinct between them as compression bandages are better for those patients who can walk and move.

These stockings are designed to support the venous and lymphatic waste of the leg, which implies when you are recovering in bed these stockings will help stop the formation of blood clots.

These stockings are clinically proven to decrease blood clots and to promote increased blood flow velocity in the legs.

These also prevent the damaging effects of venous distension that occurs during surgery.

These stockings look like common stockings because they are available in different colors, models and sizes. However, they are medically proven.

Compression levels of TED stockings are 20 mmHg or below. The mmHg stands for millimeters of Mercury in which the compression level is measured.

Is it a Bandage or Stockings?

TED genuinely can be considered as stockings but different people name them differently. They are better to called stockings rather than bandage. They are not wrapped like other bandages and are available in all models like normal stockings what we wear typically in our daily life.

These are specially designed for those patients who are unable to get out of bed. It is called non-ambulatory patients in medical terms.

TED stockings are also called TED hose because they are in tubular shapes. In the context when tubular bandages are called bandage, it cannot be inappropriate to considered TED stockings as bandage.

Whatever the matter is, everyone can say it is stocking while wearing on.

What is the purpose of TED stockings?

Definitely sickness causes stress and anxiety that can influence coagulation. Such conditions can trigger excessive blood clotting in the heart and brain. 

In a case of excessive blood clotting, these clots can cause heart attack, stroke, and damage to the body’s organs or even death. When we are able to move, blood clots are dissolved but those patients who are unable to walk need additional compression to dissolve the blood clots to reduce the risk.

Therefore, the purpose of TED stockings is to help prevent the accumulation of blood in the leg veins, in situations that may be at increased risk, the formation of blood clots in the veins also known as venous thrombosis.

Different models of TED stockings function differently such as thigh or waist-high stockings help reduce pooling of blood in the legs and help prevent orthostatic hypotension.

Stockings that ascent simply underneath the knee help limit lower leg swelling due to fluid buildup. These stockings are more different than regular ones, so their purpose is to exert compression for balancing blood circulation.

Is there a difference between TED hose and compression stockings?

In fact, even identical twins are similar in appearance though they have some differences such as finger print.

There are numerous points to compare between TED hose and compression stockings as they both are endorsed lower extremely compression to help in the treatment of as assortment of conditions using garments that provide pressure to the lower extremities.

Many people typically consider that both TED hose and compression stockings are the same yet there are specific contrasts between these types of compression garments.  Here are some differences between them.

S.N. TED Host Compression Stockings
  1 TED Hosts are used for non-ambulatory or immediately post-surgical patients. Compression Stockings may be prescribed for ambulatory patients.  
  2 TED Hose have a compression level at or below 20mmHg. The compression levels are typically categorized into 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg, and 30-40mmHg categories
3 Usually used for 3 weeks. Compression stockings last around 6 months or more if cared for as directed.
4 Designed to prevent blood clot formation. Designed to improve blood flow in the lower extremities
5 White stockings designed with a small opening near the toes. Available in a wide range of style and color.

How do you apply TED stockings easily?

Legs ought to be dry and lotion or baby powder can be applied before wearing on. Here are some ideas to apply for:


First, it is important the TED stockings should be correct in size. Too big sized stockings will not provide adequate compression as well as too small ones will be hard to put on, uncomfortable to wear, and potentially cause harmful.


When the patient is not strong enough to pull on tight stockings, an easier way is to cover feet with plastic bags. TED stockings easily slide over plastic. When stockings are in proper place and plastic bags are removed. Slip socks also can be used alternatively.

Cosmetic Materials:

Cosmetic materials like lotions, baby oil, baby powder, talc bath, corn starch and other products can be used which make easily slide the stockings.  Such materials make easier to roll over the stockings.


Some rubber gloves with textured palms and fingers are designed to enhance grip that make pulling on TED stockings almost effortless. TED stockings are commonly slippery and tight, so it is quite difficult to pull on. Rubber gloves can be good supporter for such situations.


Some time the patients’ leg might be swollen. In that situation stockings may not fit as usual. On the other hand, leg should be clean and dry. Wet legs don’t allow the stockings to roll over easily. If legs are not dry or clean, first legs should be cleaned and wiped to dry. When it’s done, stockings can be worn easily on.

How long do you leave TED hose on?

Probably, I need to leave TED hose on as long as 3 months after surgery! I know, specialists prescribe specific medications for the certain periods and probably they are effective when prescription is strictly observed. In some cases, they are less effective due to several factors.

However, I may normally continue the medicines until my complete recovery. At the point when TED stockings are prescribed after surgery, I am usually encouraged to wear them as much as possible, 24 hours, until I am able to move around reservedly.

Stockings should be removed for no longer than 30 minutes every day.

TED stockings are used after surgery to prevent blood clots developing in the leg. I might wear these stockings up to 3 months.

I need to consult with my doctors about which is better for my hospital stay as well as my recuperation. Blood clots can form for up to six weeks following surgery or an extended hospital stay so I need to keep using T.E.D stockings after discharge from the hospital. T.E.D. stockings are like all compression stockings; with the goal for them to work they require exact measuring.

How long do you have to wear TED hose after surgery?

Generally a TED hose is designed to use up to 3 weeks. However, it depends on the condition of injury and surgical reports. Doctors will recommend how long should be worn.

Blood clots can form for up to 6 weeks. In this context, it ought to be worn regularly day and night. One should wear up to complete recovery and until able to move freely. Compression stockings are designed to use up to 6 weeks though doctors will determine which one is better to use.

There is a greater risk to develop Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after surgery which is a serious condition because a blood clot can travel to the lungs and block an artery.

These clots can develop anywhere in the body. However, this condition often affects the lower legs or thighs. So, to prevent such life threatening risks, TED stockings must be worn about 3 weeks.

Is it OK to sleep with TED hose on?

There is one proverb that prevention is better than cure. Blood clots can form any time for the particular person though there is high risk after surgery and those patients who are unable to get out from the bed. Blood clots can develop at any time.

Therefore it is better to wear TED hose all day, as recommended by the doctors. Some of other compression stockings are recommended to wear during days but should be remove before going to bed.

However, TED stockings are prescribed to wear while sleeping because these stockings exerts below 20 mmHg compression that is strong enough to dissolve blood clots but doesn’t harm us.

Blood clotting is an important process that prevents excessive bleeding when a blood vessel is injured.

It is also important though excessive blood clots can be dangerous.

Blood clots that form in the veins in legs, arms, and groin can break loose and move to other parts of the body including lungs. When it happens while sleeping, it can cause heart attack and patients can die.

So, to control blood clots, TED hose is recommended to wear at night either.

Do TED hose help with swelling?

Swelling can occur due to several factors. They might have particular ways of treatment. However one of the best equipments to reduce swelling on legs may be TED hose.

TED hose are stockings that help prevent blood clots and swelling in legs. These stockings are not recommended to all the patients but prescribed to those who are unable to walk and move out of their bed and also those who have got post surgery.

TED Hose exert up to 20 mmHg compression which is strong enough to circulate the blood flow. These stockings are made to control swelling in the feet, ankles and lower legs.

Benefits of TED stockings include helping to squeeze these areas to prevent the buildup of fluid in the tissue. When it’s done, swelling goes down gradually and we may get rid of severe pain.

Are TED stockings effective?

All the medications cannot be innovated for every individual particularly. The same product can be the best for someone whereas the same thing can be worthless for someone else.

All the medications are effective but that depend on particular people how they use for. Numerous people including medical professionals still mistakenly identify all the compression stockings as TED stocking. However, TED stockings are distinct and they are effective in their regarding purpose.

The ubiquitous TED stockings produce a maximum compression of 20 mm Hg. TED hose rarely are fitted in such a way as to provide even that deficient angle pressure.

Because they provide such constrained compression, they have no efficacy in the treatment of DVT and pulmonary embolism, nor have they been proven effective as prophylaxis against a recurrence.

These are less effective than compression stockings as per their exertion of compression.

How long do you keep stockings on after surgery?

Getting successful surgery doesn’t mean that it is completely out of risks. Indeed, several risks start after surgery. Injuries can be infected and reopened due to minor issue that might be life threatening problem. 

Doctors will recommend how long the stockings should be worn. The stockings should be worn day and night during your stay in hospital. You should wear them until your complete recovery if you are at home. When you are discharged, your caregivers will give you further advice regarding this.

However, they stockings should not be removed longer than half an hour because these stockings are used after surgery to prevent blood clots developing in the leg.

As per the feature of particular production, TED stockings are designed to wear up to 3 weeks, you can wear until your complete recovery replacing old ones.

Do TED stockings prevent blood clots?

Pen is especially designed to write but exceptionally people use for many purposes. However, pen will be pen that is for writing. When it is designed to prevent blood clots, definitely TED prevents that ones.

They stop blood clots from excessive forming which may cause heart attack too. People often consider that how such normal socks can prevent blood clots, it’s right to have curiosity but TED stockings are manufactured of firm elastic and provide graduated compression over the ankle, mid calf and thigh.

The compression has the effect of speeding up the blood circulation in the veins. This makes clotting less likely.

Although TED stockings are less powerful than compression stockings, they can be used while sleeping. These stockings exert up to 20 mm Hg compression that is strong enough to stop blood clots formation.

If this formation is not prevented on time, blood clots travel through veins and artery to the lungs, kidney and the heart; it can be life threatening as well as critical challenge.

Therefore, TED stockings prevent blood clots which should be worn by those patients who cannot get out from the bed and also for the post surgery.

How long does it take for a blood clot to go away?

Blood clots are actually formed to stop bleeding which is formed by platelets and fibrin to repair blood vessels and wounds. When the wound heals, our body has another procedure to break them down. Our body releases an activator to mobilize plasmin to break down the clots.

Doctors use different medicines such as Blood thinners and Thrombolytic, to dissolve such blood clots because they are ultimately harmful. Using medications, it depends upon the effectiveness of the medicines.

The body normally separates and assimilates the coagulation over weeks to months. A DVT or pulmonary embolism can take weeks or months to thoroughly dissolve.

Indeed, even a surface coagulation, which is an extremely minor issue, can take weeks to go away. On the off chance that you have a DVT or pulmonary embolism, you typically get increasingly more relief as the coagulation gets littler.

How long should you wear TED hose after hip replacement surgery?

TED hose are recommended to wear for four weeks after hip replacement surgery. There are even many things to be concerned after surgery. Each and everything is directed in the prescription.

You can make a normal movement and start leg exercise on the regarding day of surgery. If everything is alright, probably you can get discharged on the fourth day of surgery.

TED hose must be worn whether it may not comfortable to wear 24 hours. However, you ought to compromise for the betterment of the wellbeing.

Compression stockings are recommended to wear during the days because these stockings exert more compressions but TED hose should be worn 24 hours and it shouldn’t be removed longer than 30 minutes in a day.


When we get injured and start bleeding, platelets form blood clots to stop bleeding and repair blood vessels automatically. This positive formation changes into critical situation when excessive blood clots are formed and don’t dissolved naturally.

This is life threatening problem what mostly non-ambulatory patients, post-surgery patients and also elder ones should overcome.

Non-ambulatory patients might have single or multiple issues but blood clots may add up new risks.

Therefore to prevent blood clots, researchers have designed very useful garment TED stockings which stands for Thrombo-Embolism Deterrent stockings.

These stockings exert up to 20 mm Hg compression which control blood circulation and prevents the formation of blood clots. Other compression stockings can be worn during the days but TED stockings can be worn 24 hours.

They are stockings designed to help the venous and lymphatic drainage of the leg, which implies when you are recuperating in bed these stockings will assist prevent with blood clots from forming. T.E.D. stockings are accessible in knee and thigh length.

To the extent which you should wear, you will need to address your primary care physician about which is better for your medical clinic remain just as your recuperation.

Blood clots can form for up to six weeks following surgery or an extended hospital stay so you will want to continue using T.E.D stockings after you leave the hospital.

Though it is quite difficult to wear as its tight structure, it is the best attire to prevent from life threatening risks.

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