Israeli Bandage: Uses and Basic Guide

The Israeli Emergency Bandage is an innovative, combat proven first-aid gadget to control bleeding from traumatic discharge injuries in pre-clinic emergency situations.

This across the board gadget consolidates different medical aid gadgets such as a primary dressing, pressure applicator, secondary dressing, and a foolproof closure apparatus to verify the gauze set up.

This globally protected and FDA approved bandage is the perfect solution for crisis treatment when every second counts.

The Israeli Bandage is intended for fast and simple application by proficient and non-proficient caregivers to give successful, multi-useful treatment.

The Emergency Bandage’s sterile, non-adherent pad applies pressure to any site, can be easily wrapped and verified, and has an extra application, like a tourniquet, to additionally constrict blood-stream.

The item is so natural to utilize that even a harmed individual can self-apply the wrap with one hand.

Researchers have ongoing researches against almost every normal infection to life threatening diseases. They have been discovering several methods of treatments for every issue and will be.

However, accident is not a disease which causes innumerous deaths each day. 

First aid kit saves thousands of lives from the accidents. Different types of medicines are comprised in first aid kit. Among them, bandage may be the essential equipment used throughout the world.

There are different sorts of bandages available in the pharmacies. Israeli bandage is one of the genuine bandages in this assortment.

History of Origin

The Israeli bandage was invented by an Israeli military medic, Bernard Bar-Natan during a NATO peacekeeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the bandage was effectively used during operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

The Israeli Bandage was included in the first aid kits of emergency personnel and first responders at the 2011 Tucson shooting, and was utilized to treat a few casualties of the shooting.  

When Bernard Bar-Natan, was in preparing to become an Israeli military doctor in 1984, he noticed some old bleeding control bandages assembling decades ago. He also noticed that the features of old bandages used to resemble with current designs.

The trainees were advised to grab a stone and to use it to apply pressure to an injury that would not cluster individually.

Natan then started work on a new generation of bandages that would have a pressure bar built into the bandages instead of “grab stone”.

The idea and the design were developed enough to apply for Israeli Government support from the Office of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Industry in 1990–1991. The application permitted Natan to turn into a part of a technology incubator program in Jerusalem’s Har Hotzvim, with a government grant covering 3/4 of the expenses associated with the innovative work of the bandage.

After three additional years of improvement the bandage was prepared for commercialization. However, Natan formed First Care Products Ltd and supervised the design and production of the bandage that was sold the first time to a Belgian medical equipment distributor in 1998.

Why is it called Israeli bandage?

Before the invention of Israeli bandage, there used to be few bandages but thousands of soldiers used to sacrifice their lives in the battle zone due to lack of medical equipments.

When Bernard Bar-Natan was in training to become an Israeli military doctor, he noticed the critical conditions of soldiers and began to invent innovative bandage.

His application was sanctioned from the Office of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Industry and successfully invented in Israel.

The bandage was later nicknamed by American soldiers as “Israeli Bandage” because it was invented in Israel. 

What are the Uses of Israeli Bandage?

Stops Bleeding:

 Israeli bandage is especially designed for the militaries those who are at high risk of getting injured. They ought to fight against every life threatening challenges. They ought to access in any danger places without caring life. They can get injured on shooting, on wild animals’ attacks, by falling and many more factors.

When they are out of medical range, they need such genuine apparatus to protect themselves or they can die of excessive bleeding. A pressure instrument put over the injury to stop bleeding by applying pressure.

It allows altering the direction of the bandage and wrapping it around the injury once in various directions. It also makes bandaging easier. It is especially useful for stopping bleeding in groin and head injuries.

Prevent Strain or Sprain:

They are similar to elastic bandages used to treat sprain and strain injuries. Soldiers at anytime can get critical joints, bones or muscular injuries such as sprain, strain, cramp, fracture, break, tear of many more since they must travel and hard work all the times.

If they cannot move on, they can be victim of enemies or wild animals. They must move to spare their lives. When they get any one of these injuries, Israeli bandage is always with them which work as elastic bandages. It doesn’t allow the affected area mobilizes and victims get rid of pain. It is also important function of Israeli bandage.

Reduces Swelling:

 Israeli bandage also reduce swelling like elastic bandages by exerting compression to circulate the blood. Swelling can be caused by assortment of body fluid, tissue growth, or abnormal development or position of tissue due to diseases, infections or by accident.

Soldiers spend their most times in the jungle and strange places. Swelling any parts of body cause difficult in movement. This bandage is especially designed for the militaries that are why all in all features are comprised.

Protects Dressing:

Sometimes soldiers must travel without approaching human settlement areas where medicals are beyond imagination. If they get any sorts of injured then they get dressing themselves.

A sterile non-adherent Israeli bandages allow removing the gauze without reopening a wound while replacing. It allows the dressing to firm neatly in place without slipping.

Do Israeli bandages expire?

Any sterile bandages found in the pharmacy expire in the limited time. They are ultimately harmful to use beyond expiry date. Some products may not show any side effects after expiry date but use of such thing is quite stupid. Israeli bandage are no exception on this matter.

The thing about bandages expiring is that they are no longer guaranteed to be sterile after a certain date. If the bandage is still clean and strong enough to use, it can be utilized for personal use when there is no alternative way in the remote jungle.

On the other hand, this bandage should be store properly because once opened bandage remains no more sterile that is similar to expired if not used after opening.

How do you use an Israeli tourniquet?

The effectiveness of any medications depends on the methods of applications. If the method is improper then right medicines also impacts negative.

Wherever you are, just try to make sure your surroundings are safe, and keep yourself safe by wearing gloves. Here are some ideas about use of Israeli tourniquet.

1. Open the outer package by ripping open at any corner ‘notch’.

2. Remove the bandage from the clear inner-wrap by ripping its center ‘notch’.

3. Unfold to expose the bandage, one hand holding the end, other hand holding the ‘wrap’ roll.

4. Put the pad that is the dressing on the wound. Place bandage over wound.

5. Wrap one revolution of the elasticized fabric, then insert through the ‘pressure applicator’ and begin wrapping in the opposite direction – tightening as you go.

6. Dip the elastic bandage completely into the pressure bar

7. When fully wrapped, insert ends of the ‘closure bar’ into the wrapped fabric to hold in place.

8. Wrap continuously the elastic bandage around the body in such a way that all the edges of the pad are covered.

9. Hold the hooking end of the closing bar and secure into the elastic bandage

What are the Tips and Recommendation?

1. It is specially designed for the purpose of military use even in the battle, so it is strong enough to stop extreme bleeding.

2. It is sterile and non-reusable bandage. So observe the expiry date properly before purchase.

3. Before using the Israeli emergency bandage to stop bleeding, pack the injury with hemostatic dressing. This will make the blood coagulation quicker and put more pressure on the injury.

4. On the off chance that you utilize hemostatic dressing, stick the wrapper into the bandage wraps, so the specialist comprehends what treatment you used.

5. While unrolling the bandage make an effort not to contact the white sterile ingestion cushion to keep it as perfect as conceivable before applying it to the injury.

6. When using a typical Israeli bandage on burns or other huge region wounds, cover the absorption pad with B&W Ointment to help prevent contamination and seal the territory.


Soldiers fight for the particular nations where they belong to. They are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the nation.

There is an enormous struggle behind them. Before the Israeli emergency bandage was invented in 1998, injured soldiers were advised to discover a stone and wrap it over discharging wounds so as to hold direct pressure.

In spite of the fact that that time was under 20 years prior, innovation has made some amazing progress from that point forward. The emergency bandage’s banana-molded, plastic weight bar presently takes every necessary step of the stone and comes conveniently attached.

This bandage is especially used to treats major bleeding which comes vacuum sealed and sterile. It is single use bandage that is used with hemostatic gauze for best performance.

It is likewise used as compression bandage, too. Whatever it is, an Israeli bandage is strong enough to secure soldiers from primary treatments after injury.

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