Cardiology Stethoscopes: Ultimate Buying Guide

Cardiology Stethoscopes: Ultimate Buying Guide
Cardiology Stethoscopes: Ultimate Buying Guide

Cardiology Stethoscopes are specifically designed for diagnostic purposes, with a more robust design for hearing sounds of all frequencies, while the regular stethoscopes are more of designed for the monitoring purpose, with additional diagnostic value.

Cardiology stethoscopes are mostly used by the experienced clinicians who are well versed with the different types of medical sounds and can subtly identify the difference between the different types of sounds.

The price of the Cardiology stethoscopes is higher as compared to the Regular Stethoscope based on the degree of the Precision of the acoustic experience this stethoscope provides.

The Cardiology stethoscopes are made up of high-quality materials with the state-of-the-art finishing, ergonomic and high-profile designs which have anatomically superiority and operator friendly services.

These stethoscopes come with a longer warranty period, than the ordinary stethoscopes for e.g., The Littman Master Cardiology Stethoscope have a warranty period of 7 years and the S.T.C have a warranty period of 6 years.

The sturdy and refined Cardiology  IV stethoscope, have 40 % larger chest piece and 60% deeper bell than the non-cardiology Classic III Littman stethoscope ,similarly the ear piece which is anatomically oriented to the External auditory canal in the cardiology stethoscopes ,with comfortable  snug tight ear tips are ergonomically and anatomically superior to the regular Stethoscopes that in turn provides an outstanding sound performance to it’s users.

What to look for in Cardiology Stethoscope, highlights?

Application and purpose: The cardiology stethoscopes have a wide range of application with specific use in the diagnostic medicine for the diagnosis and evaluation of different heart and lungs condition based on the auscultation of Medical Sounds. They provide the highest degree of acoustic experience with comfort to the users to the patient. They provide us with an array of sounds and helps to differentiate between subtle sounds of different quality and frequency. They are preferably used by the experienced clinicians in areas which demand the highest degree of precision like ICU, HDU, Coronary Care Unit, ED to mention some.

Design: Most of the Cardiology stethoscopes have a unique design for a good acoustic quality, most of them are with a single diaphragm which allows sounds of different frequencies to be heard based in the degree of pressure applied over the chest of the patient, Cardiology IV stethoscope have two separate diaphragms for adult and pediatric patient. These designs are subject to fluctuation based on the company. (For Brands other than the 3M Littman Stethoscopes), manufacturing the stethoscopes as well as between different stethoscopes of the same company. The design differs in terms of the Shape of the chest piece, the rim of the chest piece, length of the tubes and the earpiece designs and the anatomical orientation of the headset. E.g., The cardiology S.T.C stethoscopes have a unique design which allows it to be placed in difficult to reach areas of the body.

Chest Piece Design: The chest piece of the cardiology stethoscope has a single tunable diaphragm which works on the basis of the degree of the pressure applied over the chest of the Patient. The lower frequency sounds are heard on pressing the chest lighter and vice versa. You would obviously be looking for a non-chill rim in the chest piece of the Cardiology stethoscopes for the purpose of the comfort to the patient.

Weight and Dimension: The weight and the physical dimensions of the cardiology stethoscopes are subjected to fluctuation between different stethoscopes.

StethoscopeWeightDiaphragm TypeDiaphragm diameterLength of the Tube
Littman Master cardiology175/185 gmSingle tunable5.1cmAvailable in 56 cm and 69 cm
Littman Cardiology IV Stethoscope167/177 gmDual4.3cm (Large) 3.3 cm (Small)Available in 56 cm and 69 cm
Littman S.T.C Cardiology Stethoscope178 gmSingle, Tunable5.4 *4.8 cm (Tear Drop Shape)69 cm
Littman Cardiology III Stethoscope175gmDual4.3(Large) 3.3 (Small)Available in 56 cm and 69cm

Price: The price of the Littman Cardiology stethoscopes varies depending on different factors.

Color of the Stethoscope: e.g., for the same masters Cardiology the range of the price can vary from 186.99 US $ (for Burgundy) to 228.9 US$ (Smoke Caribbean and gray) .

Type of the Stethoscope: The stethoscopes which have the highest degree of acoustic reliability have price higher than other stethoscopes, Littman Master Cardiology (with Brass finish chest piece) which has the best acoustic among all the Littman Mechanical stethoscopes have the highest price.

Shopping Platform: The price of these Stethoscopes may vary between different Shopping platforms, including Online Shopping portals and Physical Shops.

Inter-Continental Difference: The price of these stethoscope can vary between different countries as the price of Shipping and cargo may vary between different places in the world map.

Bottom Line / Summary:

Cardiology stethoscopes are Pro level Medical Acoustic Instruments, with the state-of-the-art performance. They are reliable medical instruments and are use in areas which needs a high degree of diagnostic reliability and precision.

They are versatile devices and can be used in various heart and lungs condition with confidence.

With the Motto “Don’t Miss The Sound You Need To Hear” (From the manufacturers of Littman Stethoscopes), these medical devices are wonderful device , you definitely want to have in your Shopping list.

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