3M Nexcare Durable Cloth Tape. Uses and Cleanness Pro Tips

3M Nexcare Durable Cloth Tape

Nexcare Durable Cloth Tape is a strong cloth tape that is designed for general bandaging as first aid and hospitals whenever extra strength is need.

This tape sticks securely, making it the perfect choice for securing splints and bulky dressings or supporting wrists, fingers, ankle, knees, elbows or toes.

It is breathable and contains general applications requiring strong holding power. It tears conveniently for desired length and width. Though it is not waterproof, it can handle some moisture.

It’s more durable than paper tapes but care level is in the similar ways because all the tapes are not free from any kinds of bacteria or virus. 

Pros and Cons


1. Sticks well to skin or cloth

2. No residue

3. Affordable

4. Breathable

5. Straight tear

6. High strength


1. Not waterproof

2. Stiff

3. Difficult to tear

Tips On How to Apply

It is very easy to apply 3M Nexcare Durable Cloth Tape. You don’t need to worry about it. Just as other brands, you need to follow some ideas as mentioned below:

1. Clean the wound thoroughly.

2. Pull wrapper apart.

3. Grasp end tab and peel bandage off wrapper

4. Apply to wound, pressing firmly.

5. Remove paper frames at openings.

Tips On Its Uses

1. First aid

2. Daily bandage changes

3. Splinting bone fractures

4. Minor surgery

5. Labeling

Tips On its Cleanliness and Replace

You need to keep clean around wounds where you have bandaged regularly. Replace the bandage every day and immediately in case of getting dirt. Always concern about your personal hygiene because when you become physically unable due to infection; you’ll understand the value of health and state of being hygienic. Here are some tips how you can replace bandage.

1. If a bandage is not easily releasing avoid pulling on bandage.

2. You can soak with lukewarm water to release bandage.

3. Apply a little baby oil or cooking oil into the adhesive to help the bandage release from the skin.

4. You can also use adhesive remover.

5. You can use ice pack for 5 minutes or less. Ice will make the adhesive brittle, which may cause it to release.

6. After removing, clean your wounds then dry your skin before supplanting with new one.

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